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Interior Photography by Adam FRANK Crohill

Interior photography documents the unique story of inside space

Every interior space is unique, there is no one size fits all solution for interior photography. When photographing inside spaces there will be numerous problems for the photographer to overcome. Above all, varying light conditions, reflective surfaces, tight corners and open spaces must be dealt with to find the best composition for the room. In conclusion, the interior photographer’s mission is to combine technique with creativity and produce high a set of high quality images with a unique and creative style.

Interior photographs – my style & approach

For me, natural light and simple composition make the most successful interior shots. Firstly, I like to shoot a location wide to capture reference points and establish the environment. Wide shots set the scene but then it’s the details that start to tell a story. My establishing shot will usually be taken from an angle that shows off as much of the room as possible. And, importantly, will incorporate any key architectural features. For instance, a bay window, a fireplace or kitchen island. After that, I like to add balance with wide flat shots, because this technique allows for a little more creativity.

Interior photography is all about straight lines, square corners and symmetry. Therefore, capturing the geometry of a location well can be what separates an average photographer from an excellent one. Square on or flat shots that have an almost 2D feeling have definitely become part of my signature style. In addition, I often like to shoot into a room from outside of it – including open doors, handles and door frames in the foreground of images. Elements that other interior photographers may purposefully crop out. I think this approach creates a sense of being “in the space” and adds an informal and relaxed quality to my style.

My equipment

In short, I like to travel light and move fast. If at all possible I’ll use the natural light in a space to shoot with because I think that looks best. However, I do always carry lighting equipment but using it is always a last resort. Instead, I prefer to rely on other tricks and techniques to maximise all the natural light I have available. Similarly, my tripod will make an appearance for establishing scenes, or if I need a long exposure, but generally I prefer to shoot hand held.

I’m a loyal Canon user with a 5D mark iv full frame DSLR. I use prime lenses because they maximise image quality and print size. To elaborate further, (and for all you geeks out there) I use a 24mm tilt shift lens (Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L) for wide shots. Then, I use my 50mm (Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM) for close ups and vignettes.

Full Home Tours

★ Home tour for Theresa Gromski
  • Contemporary bathroom from an interior photography shoot
  • modern bedroom from a location shoot
★ Home tour for Claire
  • Contemporary kitchen from an interior commercial photography shoot by Frank Photography
  • Interior Photography Shoot
★ Home tour for Rebecca
  • cottage garden from a location commercial photography shoot
  • Boot room in a renovated period home

These are some of my favourite and most varied interior location photography shoots. Click on the images above for the full project. In each example I spent three to four hours shooting and provided between 75 and 100 final images.

In each project you should be able to identify my signature shots and photographic techniques. Firstly, I use wide angle shots to establish the space and set the scene. After that, I go hand held with a shallow depth of field to capture details and start telling the story. Finally, I combine wide and flat perspective images with informal compositions to add character and style. Following this method is how I’ve built a consistent and unique interior photography style.

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More about my interior photography service

Over the last six years or so I’ve worked with many homeowners and Interior Designers. As a result, my images have been in magazines and books, on blogs and regularly published across social media. In addition to that, my interior photography has been commissioned for real estate and by homeowners looking to sell property.

Interior Photography shoot – what you get

Each shoot is unique, so what you get varies a lot. Get in touch and tell me about your space. Once I have a good idea of what you are looking to achieve I can give you an accurate price. As a basic guide, my entry level interior shoots start at £500.00 and typically comprise three to four hours of photography. For each room I provide a range of wide angle establishing shots and close up detail images. In addition, your images will be processed and provided as high res printable files and also as smaller web ready images. I aim for between five and ten images per room, but this number is just a guideline.

How to prepare for your Interior Photography shoot

Firstly, a clean and tidy space is essential for a successful home or commercial shoot. That means declutter. Think about which items you need in each room and if there are any items you want to exclude. Furniture and ornaments can be moved on the day, but it’s not ideal. Similarly, empty spaces tend not to look their best, consider how they can be dressed. For example, a table laid for dinner with a vase of flowers will photograph way better than an empty one. Consider how to apply this theory throughout your location. For instance, simple items like coffee mugs, books and reading glasses will add a finishing touch to a bedroom. Likewise, relevant lifestyle items such as chopping boards, bottles or utensils look great on kitchen surfaces and shelves. Finally, you can always contact me for advice, to share images or to discuss your requirements in more detail.