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Lifestyle Product Photography by Adam FRANK Crohill

Lifestyle Product photography promotes an ethos, not just a product

What is Lifestyle Product Photography? Also known as in-context photography, Lifestyle Product photography places a product within a relevant, often aspirational environment. The goal is to help your potential customer see themselves within that environment. Once you’ve sold the lifestyle, selling the product is the easy part!

Lifestyle Product photographs – my style & approach

My photography has an informal quality, I like to shoot on location if possible and if working with models I’ll take a candid approach if appropriate. This helps make the final imagery feel unforced, natural and interesting.

We’ve all seen (cheesy) stock imagery available online, I don’t produce that. I’ll work meticulously to your brief, or I can throw in some thoughts and suggestions of my own. I’m comfortable either way.

I’ve worked on many projects over the last 10 years. As a result, my images have been in magazines and books, on blogs and regularly published across social media. As Creative Director for the “Rock My” brand since 2009 I’ve shot products and lifestyle product photography for use in print and on social media for  Jo Malone, Joules and De’Longhi as well as Pandora and Moët.

My Lifestyle Product Photography equipment

I have a small home studio and a varied selection of interior settings that I can utilise to shoot against. On location, and whenever possible, I’ll use the natural light in a space to shoot with because I think that looks best. However, I do always carry lighting equipment but using it is always a last resort. Instead, I prefer to rely on other tricks and techniques to maximise the natural light I have available. This also goes for when I’m shooting Interiors ↗ or Editorial Photography ↗.

I’m a loyal Canon user with a 5D mark iv full frame DSLR. I use prime lenses because they maximise image quality and print size. To elaborate further, (and for all you geeks out there) I use a 24mm tilt shift lens (Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5 L) for wide shots. Then, I use my 50mm (Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L USM) for close ups and vignettes.

My home office, where you can contact Frank Photography via email

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